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Below is a list of all sheet music currently available for Isaac's songs. If you want to download sheet music for a whole album, go to the Digital Sheet Music Bundles section. For sheet music for individual songs, go to the Digital Sheet Music by Song section. For printed songbooks, go to the Songbooks section.

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# Song Sheet Music
1. Campground Stargazing   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
2. Bonfires at Doheny   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
3. Top of the World Hikes   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
4. The Rare O.C. Thunderstorm   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
5. Lazy Days in Ladera   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
6. Northward Search for Higher Education   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
7. State Street Stroll   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
8. Green Oak Trees on Golden Hills   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
9. Water from the Sky   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
10. Anacapa Lighthouse   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
11. Daydreaming Down Los Alisos   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
12. Wedding at Pelican Hill   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
13. Saddleback Cloaked in White   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
14. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
15. O Little Town of Bethlehem   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
16. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
17. Angels We Have Heard On High   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
18. Joy to the World   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
19. Away in a Manger   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
20. Silent Night   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
21. What Child Is This?   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
22. In the Bleak Midwinter   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
23. Ring, Little Bell   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
24. Jingle Bells   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
25. We Wish You a Merry Christmas / Auld Lang Syne   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
26. Sad Romantic   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
27. Forest   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
28. Letting Go   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
29. Hope   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
30. Completely Yours   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
31. Gentle   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
32. Nowhere to Go   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
33. Love and All   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
34. Leaves in the Wind   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
35. Clandestine   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
36. Before Dawn   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
37. Round the Bend   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
38. Anticipation   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
39. Fallen Skies   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
40. Exhausted   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
41. A Knight to the Rescue   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
42. Tip My Hat and Farewell   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
43. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
44. Flowers Wilt   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
45. I Will Still Love You   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
46. Waiting for the Fall   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
47. Slowly Make Your Way   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
48. Decisions   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
49. Stop and Think   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
50. Lauren's Wedding March   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
51. Following the Footsteps   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
52. Time Fades Away   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
53. Movement   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
54. A Fond Farewell   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
55. Looking Forward   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
56. The Blessing   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
57. Elation   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
58. Thoughtful   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
59. Foolish Youth   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
60. Breathless   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
61. People and Puddles   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
62. Tears Can Fall   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
63. Let Me Sleep   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
64. Good Company   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
65. Doors of Life   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
66. Countdown   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
67. Simple Moments   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
68. Pretty Fingers   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
69. All Smiles   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
70. Dimming the Lights   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
71. Slow Down   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
72. Gentle   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
73. Letting Go   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
74. Triumph of Love   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
75. Softly, Sweetly   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
76. Romance of the Seas   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
77. Struggles   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
78. Felicity   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
79. Facing the Mirror   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
80. Back to Basics   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
81. Leaves in the Wind   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
82. Fleeting Moments   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
83. Evening Chat   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
84. Before Dawn   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
85. Memories Never Fade   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
86. Into Spring   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
87. Sprinkle to Rain   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
88. The Ideal   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
89. Walt's Waltz   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
90. Unattainable Desire   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
91. Strolling Along   Add to Cart $4 View Sample
92. I Sing Hallelujah Free Download
93. God Is Very Good To Us Free Download
94. Supportive   Add to Cart $4 View Sample

138 thoughts on “Sheet Music

  • Hi Isaac! I’m Mimi Lý. I’m living at the Nha Trang city- Viet Nam. I love your music when I listen them first time on the youtube three month ago. I’m learning to can play your music. Today, I buy The Renewing( sheet music) about 50$. I would like to buy Awaken and Deep joy ( sheet music) too, but I can’t have them because the stores say with me: these books are very old. I so sorry! I really really like Awaken. God bless you!!!

  • Dear Mr. Isaac
    Hi, I’ve been loving all your pieces since I heard your “Leaves in the Wind” for the first time. I’ve tried to transcribe some of your pieces into music score, but, after checking, I discovered some of your sheet musics have mistakes. For example, “Decisions” missed #C and A at the arpeggio in the first bar.
    Besides, I discovered your sheet music’s interface is different from the Overture, a transcribe-music-score software, too. Mr. Isaac, what kind of software do you use? I want to know.
    And I hope you can make more and more astonishing music to amaze us!
    Yours sincerely

  • Your pieces are so damn gorgeous! i wish to learn your pieces but dont have money to buy them but i’ll keep trying to play them! make more beautiful pieces!!!

  • Hey Isaac Shepard!!!! Just wanted to say that ive now been listening to your music for a few years now and it never gets old! it is truly magnificent and God has blessed you with such a gift. Im still inspired to write my own music thanks to you!!

  • Mr. Isaac Shepard, Your work is stunning! The first time I heard it, I was playing Music Catch a couple of years ago, and my mouth dropped. I’m not exaggerating, but your music has changed my life! I’m so excited to see whats next! I wish you the best! Thank You!!!

  • I have to say that I just found out about your songs. I play the piano and while I like to play a wide variety of music, a couple of my favorite songs that I play are by Yiruma and Kyle Landry. Your songs are just as relaxing and soothing sounding theirs are. Nothing tends to help me relax more than playing songs on my piano. Thank you for sharing you talent with us.

  • Dear Isaac,
    Hi im Noelia! Im a 14 years old pianist from Frederick Maryland. Well let me tell you, you are my favorite pianist other than stephan Moccio and raul di blasio but the first time I heard your song was on Pandora. It was leaves in the wind, I immediately fell in love with that piece. I fall asleep with that! Im dying to learn it, but I cant find and tutorials on youtube. And im not the best pianist ( I cant read music) but im learning. Ive always wished to someday getting a lesson from you or go to a concert! Lovee youu!!!!
    Hopefully you write back

  • Dear Isaac,

    Hello! My name is Veronica and I am writing to you from Europe. I heard about your music five years ago, when I was just a freshman in High School. I hadn’t any idea how to play piano, but one day in music appreciation, a friend of mine began to play “Before Dawn” … it was breathtaking, and he had managed to learn it all by ear. Astounded, I went home and immediately looked up your name on Youtube. Every song I clicked on was more beautiful than the last. I decided then, as a young teenager, that I wanted to learn how to play the piano. I’ve been practicing for years, playing as many songs as I could, and even discovering the passion of creating songs. I just wanted to thank you so much. Your love for piano and music shows through the pieces you create and it inspires me to work hard to perform beautiful music that inspires others as well. I hope that you will always create more music and strike inspiration in the hearts of the young, and the old alike! 🙂 Thank you so much for touching the lives of strangers.
    An eager to learn student.
    I might have to put up some videos on Youtube so that you can see how I’ve progressed! 😀

    • @Veronica, that’s great! Thanks for taking the time to write and for sharing your story. I really appreciate it. I wish you the best playing the piano.

  • I heard your wonderful piece Leaves in the Wind yesterday for the first time on youtube. I was blown away by the utter beauty of it and I knew I had to have more. Your pieces touch something deep inside.

    Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with us and for even the sheet music. WOW! I play the piano but haven’t in a while — this inspires me to get back to it. (I know what I’m getting people for Christmas this year!)

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places…… Brenda

  • Hi Isaac,

    Thank you very much for sharing your talent. I am so much inspired to become a better musician.

    Just wondering if the links on the free sheets are working? I tried to download the Deep Joy and Swept Away but it does not let me. I clicked the link several times but nothing is happening.

    THank you.


  • Dear Mr. Isaac,

    First of all I would just like to express my appreciation for your music. I first encountered your music when the game Music Catch came out. I thought, “Wow, this is pretty music, but I don’t play the piano so I’ll just leave it at that.” Fast forward two years later and I am a Sophomore in high school. I decided I wanted to learn the piano because I began to realize just how beautiful the music a piano produces is. I quickly shot through the basics, owing to a wonderful teacher who was my age, but had played for many years. I really wanted to get better at my skills so I decided listening to piano music would help. That is where it comes back to you. I didn’t really know where to look for pure piano music.

    Then I remembered the game. I quickly went back to the Music Catch game and found your name. I searched your website and that Christmas I got the Renewing album and I listened to Deep Joy off of your website. I began to fill up my music player with a bunch of different pianists and piano solo music. I can honestly say it has helped my playing immensely. I was able to join my youth group’s praise band as a keyboardist after just two years of frenzied learning. (I wanted to make up for all of the wasted years I did not play, so I lived and breathed the piano). Now I am in college and even though I haven’t had a lesson in a few years I have kept on practicing on my own. I bought a Yamaha P-60 keyboard and I have it in my apartment where I continue to play.

    I love your music. The sheer passion and emotion found throughout it is breathtaking. You have realized that good music isn’t the most technically challenging or flashy, you play in an honest and genuine way. I still listen to your albums, even though I got the Renewing years ago. When I saw that you offered free sheet music for some of your songs I was thrilled. (Not many artists do that and it is really a pain to keep on buying music if you are not sure you can play it.) I began trying to play some of your songs about one or two years ago. I kept on going through different ones, but nothing really worked out with me since I haven’t had a lesson for a long time. Then I found Felicity. What a magnificent song! I set down all six pages, they looked very daunting, and I got to practicing. It was truly amazing. Why? Somehow the song connected and I was able to fully play through the sheets after a couple of hours. I quickly memorized it and I still play that song to this day. Actually, I was able to play on a Steinway last night after a church service was over. I immediately played Felicity and you should have seen the people who crowded around and commented on how beautiful the song was. (Before I left for college, I would play the song for my dog when he was put up at night and he would fall asleep to Felicity and Zelda’s Lullaby. :P) I have a youtube channel (KnucklesE) where I posted a few songs that I can play and I put Felicity on my channel.

    I just want to thank you for doing what you do, and for just worshiping God through your music. You really have a gift. Wow, I really typed a lot. I just really appreciate what you do! I feel like I have been with your music for a long time, I still listen to a Pandora radio station called Isaac Shepard that I made years ago.

    God Bless,

    • @Greg, thank you for taking the time to write to me and for all of your nice comments! I very much appreciate it. I checked out your YouTube channel… good job! I wish you all the best and pray that your playing will continue to bless others like it already has.

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