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Check out and share these music playlists created and curated by Isaac Shepard. Each playlist is available on one or more music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, Napster/Rhapsody, Groove Music, 8tracks, and YouTube. Use the contact form if you want to share an idea for another playlist with Isaac.

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Beautiful Piano Instrumentals for Work, Study, and Peace
Relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful instrumental music featuring piano. Perfect for studying, at work, and for resting. Features music by Isaac Shepard, Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, George Winston, David Lanz, The Piano Guys, and more.
Peaceful Piano Christmas
Peaceful, quiet, and relaxing solo piano arrangements of classic and modern Christmas songs for the holiday season. Includes classical piano music by Isaac Shepard, Jim Brickman, David Lanz, and more.
Calm, relaxing, and peaceful music to fall asleep to. Includes ambient, acoustic, nature, new age and chill instrumentals for resting and sleeping.
Peaceful Piano
A huge playlist featuring peaceful piano music and other inspiring instrumentals. No vocals. Great for working, studying, concentrating, and resting.
Massage Mood: Calming and Relaxing Instrumentals
Music for massage, sleep, study, and other relaxing moments. Features acoustic piano, classical guitar, and other new age and ambient instrumentals.
Brain Food: Focus, Concentrate, Meditate, Think, Dream, Relax, Unwind, Read, Study, Wonder With Piano
Modern solo piano music for focusing, concentrating, meditating, thinking, dreaming, relaxing, unwinding, reading, studying, and wondering.
Emotional Film Scores and Instrumentals
Relaxing film music and other background instrumental music for your work day.
Healing Sounds. Soothing music for deep healing. Relieve stress. Embrace recovery.
Best of piano relaxation. Collection of contemporary piano that is perfect promotion for a peaceful day. Relax, sleep, or focus.
Ambient, New Age, piano, and other instrumentals for a relaxing spa day.
Deep Sleep: Night Feels
New Age, chill piano, and ambient instrumentals to lull you to peaceful sleep.
Acoustic Chill
Relaxing acoustic instrumentals and songs.
Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head
Listen to these songs a couple times and their hooks will continue to swim around your head for days to come.
Tearjerkers & Heartbreakers
Emotional songs and instrumentals that will tug at your heart and bring a tear to your eye.
12 Hours of Christmas Piano
Hit play and listen to over 12 hours of Christmas piano music instrumentals (no words). Great for listening to music of the Season at work, in the office, around the house, or while studying.
New Age
Chill out, relax, and focus with songs and instrumentals. Classics and deep cuts from New Age, Ambient, Piano, and Easy Listening.
Mellow Classical: Past to Present
Relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful classical music from the past to the present.
Resolve to work out and stay fit! Here's an upbeat and feel-good playlist from an unusual variety of genres and decades, full of positivity, fun, love, and life. Includes rock, pop, EDM, instrumental, indie, alternative, classic, and more.
Chill Atmosphere: Cinematic Goodness
Cinematic-based chill and lounge tracks to help create a relaxed and kick-back atmosphere.
Getting Chased
Music to flee to. Cinematic, electronic, rock, and more for chasing and escaping.
Background Focus: Quiet, Gentle, Peaceful, Intimate, Solo Piano
Relaxing solo piano that can fade into the background for when you need to focus on working, reading, or studying.
Chill Focus
Includes a variety of chill instrumental styles, such as ambient, electronic, acoustic, film, orchestral, and more.
A wide variety of Christmas songs and instrumentals for a full day of joy! Classic and modern Christmas music from many genres.
Fantastical: Music for Your Imagination
Fantasy music to spark some life into your imagination. From lighthearted fiction to epic worlds, this playlist includes creative film scores and fanciful instrumentals.
Pop Piano
Upbeat and moderately fast piano instrumentals and piano covers.
Piano State of Mind: Focus
Relaxing piano music for focus. Perfect at work, study, or all day long.
Isaac Shepard - All Piano
All tracks from Isaac Shepard's piano albums and singles.
Stress Relief
Relieve stress. Stay calm. Relax and unwind.
Programming Zone: Recursive Concentration
Modern music for programming in the zone. Electronica/EDM, Singer-Songwriter, Instrumental, Electro Gypsy Swing, Chill, and more.
A variety of chill music for good vibes.
Focus Focus Focus: Study, Work, Learn, Think
Modern solo piano instrumentals for when you need to focus at the office, while studying, or similar.
Sleep Like a Rock
A variety of comforting and soothing music to help you sleep.
Chill Piano
Chill piano instrumentals to relax, study, and work.
Beautiful instrumental music for everything leading up to, during, and after your wedding. Use to relax, for dinners, receptions, seating, the processional, the ceremony, unwinding, and enjoying a new life together.
Minor Keys
Sad instrumental piano music. Cry along with these tracks written in minor keys.
Feel Good
New and old songs and instrumentals to lift you up and make you feel good.
Emotional: Cinematic Orchestra and Piano
Cinematic orchestra and piano instrumental tracks with emotion.
Superheroes Are People, Too
Themes, scores, and epic soundtracks for superheroes.
Piano to Sleep
Peaceful and relaxing solo piano music to fall asleep to.
Isaac Shepard - Some Personal Favorites
Some of Isaac Shepard's personal favorite solo piano tracks from his albums and singles.
Homeschooling Days
For those days when you are homeschooling kids. A mix of parent-approved easy listening vocals and instrumentals for school work. Something that keeps the kids at home engaged - not too sleepy, but not too exciting. Nice background music that keeps the homeschool day and work moving along.
Christmas Dinner
Festive set of instrumental Christmas songs. A perfect backdrop for your holiday meal.
Life's Good: Fight off Depression
A collection of styles and genres to promote a happy and thankful life.
Piano пианино Klavier ピアノ fortepian پیانو Pianoforte Zongora
Explore piano music created around the world. Composers from 25 different countries.
Epic Desert Music
Epic scores, songs, and instrumentals that make you think of hot deserts, dangerous wastelands, desolation, and dry worlds.
The Cool Side of Quirky
Just outside the bounds of normal, here's a bunch of cool songs and instrumentals that keep things fresh.
Minimal Piano
Captivating piano music and melodies using only a few notes.
Beautiful Albums
Albums full of beautiful piano, strings, and orchestral music.
Cinematic Companion
Cinematic scores and soundtracks. Inspirational, moody, epic.
Christmas Piano
Christmas and holiday piano instrumentals. Lots of variety, including fresh arrangements of winter classics and modern compositions.
Spa Piano: Relax & Meditate
Piano music for spa days, relaxing, and meditating.
The Beatles vs Covers
Discover how The Beatles stand up against cover versions of their own songs.
Programming Zone: Coffee Overflow
Caffeine is to a programmer, as music is to a...
The Edge of Dystopia
Almost stressed. Almost depressed. Almost lost. Almost destroyed. Almost forgotten.
Shepard Audio Music
Instrumental music by Shepard Audio; composed by Isaac Shepard and Stephen Hoganson. Cinematic music for film, TV, video games, and more. For licensing requests, please visit:
Office Work: Christmas Holiday Piano
Instrumental music featuring piano for the Christmas holiday season.
Ever have moments where you wonder what life is really about? Ever need the courage and reminder to strive for what's truly important? These songs will help you do just that. Encouraging songs for when you need to take a break, reflect, and think about life.
Fresh Piano
A collection of new piano music recently released.
Isaac Shepard: Hits and Fan Favorites
A collection of Isaac Shepard's world-wide piano hits and fan favorites from over the last decade.
My Gloomy Place
Gloomy songs and melodies when you need them.
New Age Piano: Artist Variety
New Age piano, Modern Classical piano, Ambient piano, and Easy Listening piano from a wide variety of artists. Each artist only appears once in the playlist.
Christmas with class. A mix of elegant, classy, modern, and classic instrumentals and songs for the Christmas season. Nothing too upbeat or loud.
Isaac Recommends
A wide variety of artists, songs, and genres that Isaac Shepard recommended on his weekly #IsaacRecommends posts on Twitter. Why not branch out and play something new worth listening to?
Teetering on Love
In love, or out of love... it's hard to tell.
Piano Peace. Peaceful solo piano music.
Moody Piano
Moody, thoughtful, gloomy, and melancholy piano instrumentals.
Raw Piano
Up close and personal modern piano with a natural and emotional sound.
What should Isaac listen to? (Collaborative Playlist controlled by Isaac Shepard fans)
Hello, everyone! This is Isaac Shepard, and I want to listen to new music that my fans like. Have a recommendation? Just add it to this Spotify list.