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Isaac ShepardIsaac Shepard is a pianist and composer who lives in Orange County, California. He has composed and performed for over 25 years, released ten piano albums, written music for over a dozen games, and composed hundreds of songs across many genres. He runs The Music Maze, a site to help independent musicians navigate the music business, and owns Shepard Audio, an indie label and music production company.

Shepard’s piano music has been played hundreds of millions of times around the world on music services such as Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music; reached #1 on iTunes New Age and Classical charts in many countries around the world; #4 of all music on iTunes in Vietnam; #11 of all music on iTunes in Finland; #20 of all music on iTunes in Indonesia; top 10 on iTunes Easy Listening and Holiday charts; and top 10 on Amazon’s Classical, New Age / Meditation, Easy Listening, and Wedding Music categories.

In 2015, Shepard was chosen by Pandora Internet Radio to represent independent musicians to members of Congress and to perform in the U.S. House of Representatives. His music can be heard in games, films, TV, online radio, and more.

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Growing up in a musical family, Isaac Shepard began playing piano and keyboards by ear at the age of twelve and very soon thereafter joined a band called “Dave and the Reverbs” with his father, James. Shepard played keyboards at various soup kitchens, homeless shelters, social gatherings, church events, and random venues throughout Southern California in the early 1990’s.

Within a few years, Shepard’s family (father James, mother Debra, and brother Elijah) joined together to form a family band they named “Four Shepards and a Lamb,” and in 1996 they produced a self-titled CD of original contemporary Christian music. In 1998, Shepard released his first solo album, “On Subtle Ground,” featuring original keyboard instrumentals. Over the years, Shepard has played piano for numerous church worship teams and has continued to collaborate with James, adding piano to the rock “Moment By Moment” CD and to the Beatles/Everly Brothers love-songs tribute album called “From Me To You.”

Isaac ShepardIn 2005, Shepard produced his first live piano album, Swept Away, a collection of relaxing compositions.  Shepard released his second easy-listening solo piano album, called Deep Joy, in 2008; it reached #1 on the iTunes New Age charts. In late 2009, he released his third solo piano album, The Renewing, which made it to the #4 spot on the international radio airplay chart two months in a row. In 2010, Shepard released his fourth neo-classical piano album, Awaken.

In 2011, Shepard collaborated with ethereal vocalist Amethyste on “Tout Est Si Beau”, a song from her fourth new age album, “Deliverance”.

A year later, Shepard published Knights and Damsels, his fifth solo piano CD, and then later in 2013 published a piano single, “Love and All”.

Isaac Shepard - Photo by Sara Vuoso Photography

Photo by Sara Vuoso Photography

In mid-2015, Shepard announced his sixth solo piano album, Mosaic, and then later that year he surprised his fans with his first Christmas album, Christmas Piano. Christmas Piano represents Shepard’s seventh solo piano release.

Shepard released Wandering Home, his eighth solo piano album, in August 2016. The track names and album cover artwork refer to many of Shepard’s life experiences while growing up in California. Wandering Home was nominated for SoloPiano.com’s “2016 Contemporary and Modern Album of the Year.”

In May 2017, Shepard released “Quiet,” an EP containing 5 intimate and ambient piano tracks with peaceful cinematic accompaniment. Unlike Shepard’s previous 8 solo piano albums, “Quiet” offers an up-close and personal piano experience, supported by sparse orchestral instruments. Later that year, he released Christmas Piano, Vol. 2, a follow-up to his original holiday album.

Through a partnership with Wind Music, a leading independent music company in the Chinese-speaking markets, fans can purchase many of Shepard’s CD’s, including a beautiful 4-CD box set of his first four solo piano CD’s, in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Shepard’s music is played hundreds of thousands of times a day across various online internet music streaming and radio programs, such as Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, and Whisperings. In fact, in April 2015, Shepard announced that his solo piano music has been played over 50 million times on Pandora Internet Radio. Later that year, Pandora announced on the MorningConsult.com that Shepard’s music passed 60 million streams. Shepard now has well over 70 million plays on Pandora.

Isaac Shepard at CongressOn October 28th, 2015, Shepard was invited by Pandora to speak with members of U.S. Congress on behalf of independent artists everywhere who are in the pursuit of making musical composition their way of life. In addition to meeting with lawmakers and their staff to discuss the state of music streaming and things like transparency in music reporting for musicians, Shepard also had the opportunity to perform a few of his songs in the U.S. House of Representatives during a luncheon.

In 2017, Shepard created The Music Maze, a site to help independent musicians navigate the music business. You can read a lot more about Shepard on TheMusicMaze.com, including more info about his music background, technical background, and personal life. Shepard is also the owner and composer for Shepard Audio, a music production company for film, TV, games, and other media. Steve Hoganson is also a composer for Shepard Audio. In April 2016, Shepard Audio released their first album, called Atmospheric: Music for Film. Later that year, they released their second album, called Soundscapes: Cinematic Underscores. In 2017, Shepard Audio released their third album, called Chill Factory. Shepard’s music and orchestrations can be found in over a dozen games, including Sev Zero, Air Patriots, Airport Mania, Music Catch, and many more. In all, Shepard has composed many hundreds of songs across many genres.

Shepard currently resides in Southern California with his wife and two kids. In addition to music, Shepard had a successful career in computers as a software engineer. His last role was as a senior developer for Amazon. He holds thirteen patents.

For more information about Isaac Shepard on various topics, check out his “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit.

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  • HI, my six year old really loves to play your arrangement of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. She played it for her Kindergarten class last Friday and her music teacher made a video. We listen to your beautiful music all of the time by her request. Thank you for such lovely arrangements and compositions. If you have any suggestions of how to navigate for my six year old please reach out to me. We are new to this.

  • hello i’m your old Korean fan, jun!
    your music is best healing factor for my soul.
    always i wish your happy~!
    thanks for good music

  • m writing this comment while m listning to “Gentle” really your songs are so amazing and touching, i hope to see more new songs of you ^_^ yesterday i found your songs in a video game, i liked also “letting go” this song took me to a huge forest there the trees are dancing with the winds and it’s orange papers getting down slowly, and beside me a small river, and suddendly the sky cry for a bit and send me it’s tears ^_^

  • It’s difficult to put into words, how to describe the way your music pulls at me. It’s so emotional, it’s overwhelming. I can hear it speak to my highs and lows. To speak, to convey so much without words, it’s a gift. The music you make is absolutely incredible.
    It’s inspired me to take up playing piano myself. I feel as though it would be a great outlet for expressing myself. Unfortunately I’m a broke college student, and I can’t afford a real piano haha. Do you have any suggestions for keyboards ($300-$500 range)? Anything that would sound like the piano you play?
    I’m sure you’re busy. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and thank you for your music. It’s changed my life.

    • Lauren,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you are inspired by the music and will start playing piano.

      I don’t know of a particular keyboard that would fit your budget, but I do really like the sound of the Yamaha keyboards. If you’re looking for a “real” piano experience, try to get a keyboard with 88 keys and weighted (or at least semi-weighted). That said, I used small synthesizer keyboards for many years when I was starting out… so, don’t let the type of keyboard you have available to you get in the way of playing and making music. 😉

      I wish you all the best, and thanks again for writing.

  • Hi, Im so happy that I came to know your music. It has be riched life and the moments when I paint. Many of my paintings have been created when I listen to you playing. And more painting moments will come.Thank You! 🙂


  • I never thought to hear something like that.
    I got hearing your music since 2009, your music just join me in bad moments, when my sister died, when I broke up with my couple, and just, your music made my feel in peace.
    I am a Doctor, now i listen your music in my consult, in some operations, and when i just wanna take a break,
    the sadness thing that happend here in mexico, is that i couldn’t find your CD’s , so just I am waiting and looking for your CD’s.
    Just, I want to say that you really Know how to wake up our feelings and make them more beautifull.
    I mean, Thank you, still doing these songs.

  • My baby sleeps in a few moments with your song, thank’s to be part of this world with your incredible and natural talent.

  • Your work is incredible. It’s my favourite music to play on my PC while i’m studying. Keep up the good work (:

  • Thank you for make me company with the song that I like so much “Good Company”.
    Best regards from Barcelona (Spain).
    Francielle Biglia

  • You are extremely talented. I think your music is so great because of the way you composed it; by simply letting it flow. It sounds like it flows out rather than someone hunting for certain notes on paper. It just sounds real. It’s music in its purest form.

  • Hello! Your music is magical. Its Talanted, like flows right from the soul to soul. When are you planning to have a concert in Russia, or wherever?

      • Hola, me gustaría saber si tiene planes para venir a Argentina a tocar. Aunque hay muchos famosos que dice “voy a Argentina” y solo van a Buenos aires, o sea. Hay muchos que no podemos costera esos viajes y hay mucha decepción por parte de los fans. Yo soy del norte, de Salta y aquí hay muchas personas que adoran su música (incluyéndome)… Gracias por tomarse el tiempo en leer esto 🙂 (lo adoro)

        • @Victoria, thanks for writing. Sorry… I don’t have any plans to tour in Argentina, but thanks for letting me know you would be interested and for your nice comments. I appreciate it.

      • Sir Isaac, I love your song Memories Never Fade. I play your other songs as well. Like you I also learned piano by ear and I play for the Lord. Your music takes me to another world of rest and recreation and paints a certain landscape in my head. I’m not as good as you but I count you as one of my favorite pianists. God bless your music sir

          • Good evening Sir Isaac, its me again, I am also a pianist too, I learn a song by ears. Any tips on playing? By the way, I love your songs MEMORIES NEVER FADE, SOFTLY SWEETLY, LET ME SLEEP, and BEFORE DAWN. You’re really one of my favorite pianists along with David Foster, Kitaro, Vangelis, Yanni, and Henry Mancini. I hope to watch your performance here in the Philippines.

          • Thanks for writing. As for tips, here are a few:
            1. Try playing lots of different styles you don’t usually play.
            2. When you get stuck on a section, slow down and figure out each note, and then slowly bring up the speed again.
            3. Music is an art form that can touch people’s hearts… so think about how the music you are playing is affecting you and those listening to it. Don’t play harsh when you should play soft, and vice versa.

  • hi I am from Iran . I think you are Emotional and i love you because you say that the feelings expressed are merged into a single .Thank you for the gift that you give to the audience .

  • I’ve heard it said once that “music [is] the voice of the soul.”
    I’ve never really believed it…until I head your music, Isaac.
    What you create definitely is the voice of the soul.
    I hope you continue to add such beautiful music to this often bleak world.
    :- )

  • OMG! Isaac! I just found your music!! I love it so much. It´s so simple even for ordinary ppl like me, but it´s realy great thing – It touches everyones heart!
    I´m gonna download it soon from here, because in my county is not possible to get your CD.
    Many many thanks from Czech republic.

  • Thank you very much^^ your music, it makes smile:) happy) thank you^^ inspiration and good luck) all the best, only the best, create more, please!!!)) ^__^*

  • I love your music.
    Especially, Felicity.
    I want to bay your album.
    but I sad that many korean don’t know you..

  • Isaac Shepard, I am your biggest fan! I love every one of your pieces. I’m giving a report on you for school. If you could tell me more about your early life, that would make me the happiest wienerschnitzel evahh!

  • I am in love with your music O_O
    The first time ive heard it was in Music Catch 2 & i was eccentric when i realized that there was a title to this song to locate whose awesome hands made such wonderful music <33
    i have to say that your music is just simply.. breathless ^.^

  • …..Hi….
    I am Chinese.I heard your music from the “music catch”.
    Your music are really beautiful!
    When I listen to your music,It is seemed that I have entered a
    wonderful magic world.That make me feel comfortable and relax.Thank you so much.O(?_?)O~

  • My brother I are both big fans of your music. It’s just awesome. Thank you that some of your music is free because I would love to learn them (I already am now). But the thing we love the most about you and your music is that you are Christian!

    God Bless 🙂

  • Your music is really beautiful and relaxing. I have listened to instrumental music for years, especially piano music, but I have never found such better feelings than now. Can I know the way you’ve recorded all the piano songs? Did you play them on real piano? I think those amazing piano sound like crystal sound improve much my moods…I like Countdown the most and its nice message
    Thanks a lot ^^ Keep working !!

    • @Nguyen, thank you! My first solo piano album, Swept Away, was recorded on my studio piano. The rest are digital recordings: the first from my Yamaha S90ES, and the last two using EWQL’s piano VST’s.

  • I heard your song Leaves in the Wind when my daughter was playing a computer game the other night. I was so drawn into the music. I found your site and became an instant fan. Your songs are amazing. The compositions are written with such emotion and soul that you are drawn in as you listen. You are an amazing composer and I will be sharing your music with all my friends. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

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