Sheet Music for “Sprinkle to Rain” Finally Available

Swept AwayWhew! I finally got around to creating the sheet music for “Sprinkle to Rain” from “Swept Away”, my first solo piano album.

I kept receiving many requests for this sheet music, but I kept putting it off because I was busy… but probably also because I was dreading creating the sheet music from scratch. “Sprinkle to Rain” was a song that I had written many years ago. It was one of those pieces that I almost always improvised on, and the only “recording” I had of it was in my mind. No sheet music, no MIDI, just my memory. When it came time to really record it on Swept Away in 2005, I did what I always did and improvised it. Fast forward to present day, and I have lots of people asking for the sheet music. So, basically, I had to relearn “Sprinkle to Rain” and listen to, write down (and fix) every note one by one. Boy, did my recording on Swept Away have a lot of mistakes! Blech!

The result is sheet music for “Sprinkle to Rain” that is very close to the original, and hopefully it is readable and usable enough for those who actually read sheet music (I don’t). I apologize before-hand for those who were expecting something more polished. At any rate, it is now available to download for free!

All of my sheet music that I’ve made available so far for both “Swept Away” and “Deep Joy” can be downloaded for free!


5 thoughts on “Sheet Music for “Sprinkle to Rain” Finally Available

  • Hi Isaac, I just recently get to know about you and your piano “Sprinkle to Rain” and would love to get to know more about you and your music. Would you be kind to share with me a copy of the sheet music like you shared here?

    Many thanks.


  • I know how you feel, I cant stand sheet music. But I have still learnt all of your songs from the sheets you provided, it was a pain staking note by note procedure, but I got there.
    Just want to take the time to say thanks for putting another song in note form for us. It’s a great song 🙂

  • thank you so much for turning this song into sheet music!! I’ve been dying to play it. i want you to know that you are very appreciated by me and my family (the ones i play for) :). thank you again and keep up the good work!

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