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Music Catch 2Music Catch 2 — the sequel to the original online web game that featured “Before Dawn” from “Swept Away” — is now available for play on Music Catch 2 features three piano tracks from my new piano album, “Deep Joy”.  The three songs are “Leaves in the Wind”, “Gentle”, and “Letting Go”.

The more you play Music Catch 2, the more features you unlock, including the ability to play the game using any MP3 that can be accessed on the Internet.

The original Music Catch web game has been played millions of times.

6 thoughts on “Music from Deep Joy featured on Music Catch 2

  1. Oh my goodness you make some of the best piano songs ive heard. Especially “Leaves in the Wind” I really like that one. You are awesome.

  2. Hey Isaac,

    Found the sequel of Music Catch, and still craving for your songs though. lol*
    Great Game, great composition. 🙂

  3. Hey Issac,

    Are you ever going to transcribe “Leaves in the Wind” into sheet music? I would really like to have it so I can play your wonderful music.

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